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Plano TX
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Welcome to Prosyga

Prosyga is a Microsoft Solution Partner, assisting small business identify and deploy technology solutions that improve their bottom line.
Prosyga can help you evaluate your options and make recommendations in the following areas:
  • IT Infrastructure (hardware)
  • Software vendor evaluation
  • Internet Access service provider/technology selection
  • Network Security
  • Desktop/Laptop equipment selection
  • IT Strategic planning
  • IT resource screening/selection


Prosyga can provide an un-bias recommendation based on your priorities we can recommend the products and services that best meet your immediate and future needs.


Prosyga can also assist you with custom-developed application that address unique business needs, for which off-the-shelf products exist or are an over-kill for your needs.



Hispanic Business  

Prosyga is a hispanic minory owned business and we are proud to support other minority owned business to use technology to level the playing field against larger corporation.



In The Works

Prosyga will be introducing software to help Hispanic Minority business from Starting a New Business, to Growing your business and Exit Strategies planning.


Visit us again soon to participate in Beta testing and be among the first to benefit from this great applications.



Save on Electricity in Texas

If your office is located in Texas, you can save some money on your electric bill by getting a competitive quote.


Visit to request an on-line quote, instantly... with no call backs by sales reps (unless you request one).


Great Tools we enjoy and recommend

ABCpdf .Net  by webSupergoo is so easy to use as part of your ASP.NET applications.
It allows you to create new documents, as well as attaching several documents together to create a new one.
webSupergoo has other great products too.
Visit them to get the latest details about their products.
For Great web site design templates we recommend, they have full web site graphics sets.  We can help you customize them to your particular company.